What can I build in my Facility?

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The Headquarters unlocks new structures and develop your facility further. You can enhance your Facilities operations by assigning Commander tasks.


The Airstrip allows you to deploy and upgrade your Dropships. They can then be deployed to the world map to provide additional bonuses to your units.


Alloy Refinery
The Alloy Refinery generates Alloy for your facility. These resources must be periodically collected.


A Barracks allows training of Light and Heavy Infantry. Having more than one Barracks will increase training capacity and troop defense.


Black Market
The Black Market generates Tech for your facility. These resources must be periodically collected.


Command Post
The Command Posts grants access to a hero. Upgrades provide both an experience boost and a protected value, should the hero die.


Engineering allows creation of Harvest Outposts for Neutronium extraction, or Strategic Outposts used to expand your territory.


The Factory allows production of ground and air vehicles. Having more than one factory will increase production capacity and vehicle defense.


Geoponic Farm
The Geoponic Farm generates Food for your facility. These resources must be periodically collected.


Global Network
The Global Network allows trading of resources between Alliance members.


Hostile Containment
The Hostile Containment holds captured enemy heroes. Higher level upgrades of the containment facility will allow for maximum extraction and increase the potential rewards gained from executing enemy heroes.


Medical Bay
The Medical Bay heals and repairs injured Troops and repairs damaged Vehicles.


Oil Rig
The Oil Rig generates Oil for your facility. These resources must be periodically collected.


Research Lab
The Research Lab allows the facility to research upgrades from 5 unique research trees: Offense, Defense, Drone, Operations and Special.


Satellite Uplink
The Satellite Uplink increases your radar level, providing more information on incoming deployments. Drone Command is incorporated into the Uplink.


Security Stations
The Security Station houses troop reinforcements sent from your allies to assist in facility defense.


Supply Depot
The Supply Depot increases your facility's overall storage for all resources. Each depot will also protect a portion of stored resources from incoming raid attacks.


The Turret Battery will protect your facility from all incoming attacks. Turrets can be destroyed but will be repaired between each attack.


Walls provide a significant defensive bonus to your facility. Ammunition, traps and additional defenses can also be constructed on the wall for use when your facility is attacked.

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