Guide to Account Merging and FAQ

Modified on Tue, 13 Dec, 2022 at 12:57 PM

All our games have now been added to the Hunted Cow portal and you may now merge your old game accounts in to new Hunted Cow global accounts.

When you go to the game from this site, using one of the links here you'll arrive with a token that identifies who you are. You'll then be given the option to either create a new account (usually just by filling out a game character name) or merge an old account.

If you merge an old account in to your Hunted Cow account future visits will simply log you in to that account on arrival.

What about my character name?
Names on our various games are unique to that site, the display name you pick here is just for the forums. So you'll get to keep your old name on any game we merge in to.

I made a new account instead of merging my old account!
Oops, you'll have to contact support using the bar at the top of our pages and ask them to remove your new accidentally created account so you can go back and merge your already existing account.

What if I have more than one account on a game?
Well, that's not allowed! Except on Gothador and Solar Fleet, when you arrive there you'll be asked which character you wish to login with and given the option to add more characters to your Hunted Cow account if you wish.

But my name on a game is different to my name here!
We know this can be confusing, but if you're in a games forum you'll see posters game details below their avatar to the left. We'll be adding more detailed profiles soon as well so you can see all the characters a player has.

But I don't want to merge my accounts! :(
Well aren't you grumpy, we'll be giving various incentives and rewards for doing so along the way and we think this new system is a vast improvement over the old segregated accounts, forums and support systems.

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