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Building outposts is the backbone of creating an effective, resource driven base of operations for your army. The number of outposts you can build depend on what research you've completed.  Outpost research can be found in the Operations section:

You can research additional Depots as you level up, allowing for more Outposts to be built


To build an outpost you will need a Mobile Outpost Vehicle. You can acquire these as rewards for various events and missions, when leveling up or passing certain milestones and you can purchased them in both the Shard and Alliance stores.


You can also easily demolish an outpost that's outgrown its usefulness or is located too far away once a battle has finished.  This way you can always remove a older outposts and place new ones in a better position with minimal effort to keep an advantage over other players.

Here are some benefits of building outposts: 

Gather resources more efficiently

Having outposts built across the world will make it easier to collect valuable resources! When you send dropships to gather resources, it will take a certain amount of time based on how far those resources are from your Headquarters. When you build an outpost that's closer to the resource, you can send dropships directly from the outpost, cutting down on time!


Neutronium Bonus!

While you can build outposts on any empty space, if you build an outpost on a Neutronium Vein you'll start to generate Neutronium!


Moving troops and heroes

Just like your headquarters, outposts can house troops and heroes. You can use these as strategic points in the world to better your chances at engaging Alien Activity and powerful enemies.  However, unlike your headquarters you can't build defenses so be careful of enemy attacks!


Give yourself an attack advantage!

When you attack an enemy base, it takes precious time for your dropships to return home. If it takes too long, your enemy may have time to recover. You can speed up the time it takes to attack an enemy by building outposts closer to enemy bases and sending your troops from there instead.  Building a new outpost is less risky than moving your main base into enemy territory.

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