What are Rituals?

Modified on Tue, 13 Dec 2022 at 01:49 PM

Rituals are ancient and powerful arts performed by sorcerers in the Citadel to improve your Chaos Fortress and Troops. Upgrading your Citadel and additionally required structures will unlock the ability to study more rituals. Currently, there are 7 types of rituals that can be studied with unique bonuses to bolster your strength as a Chaos Lord!
  • Military Rituals: Boost the speed at which you can build an army and grant access to powerful unit types.
  • Defensive Rituals: Allow you to fortify your Fortress and build powerful defenses to secure your position.
  • Battle Rituals: Are used to improve the combat prowess of all troops under your command.
  • Command Rituals: Help improve your construction and resource gathering. They also grant access to additional marches and encampment construction.
  • Unholy Rituals: Grant you the power to swell the size of your army and grant additional boons.
  • Daemonic Rituals: Give you power over your Chaos and allow the summoning of powerful Daemons of Chaos to your army.
  • Champion Rituals: Improve your Chaos Champion to infernal heights, making them an unstoppable force of Chaos.

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