Why join an Alliance?

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Joining an Alliance is one of the most important things you'll do in Operation: New Earth!  Being part of an Alliance brings you a lot of benefits:


Make new friends!

Operation: New Earth is most enjoyable when played with friends and joining an Alliance is a great way to make bunch of new friends who love the game as much as you do!  With built in chat, you can talk with your fellow Alliance members, plan out attacks and defensive strategies as well as just chatting about nothing and having fun. Alliances are also a great way to learn secrets from experienced players who are willing to help out new players.


Alliance members can transfer resources and troops between bases. Low on Food but have a lot of Oil? Find someone in your Alliance who needs Oil and has extra Food and you can each send each other what you need!


Exclusive gifts
Every time you or a member of your Alliance makes a Shard purchase, everyone else in the Alliance gets an Alliance Cache! Caches expire after 24 hours so be sure to check in often to receive your gifts. In addition, every cache claimed contributes to your Alliance Cache level which provides a bonus chance to receive double rewards from each cache!


Building taking a long time to upgrade?  Research going slowly?  You can always tap the Assist button and up to 10 other alliance members can immediately come to your aid and chip time away from your total.

Thanks friend!

And don't forget to help out your alliance members as well! When you tap Assist! in the corner, you'll be helping out another player in need and best of all you'll receive Alliance Credits in return!


Exclusive Store

Using Alliance Credits, you have access to a complete store that only members of an Alliance can access!


Tired of getting attacked by random players?  When you're part of an Alliance, enemies will be much less likely to attack you lest they want the full might of your Alliance to come back at them!  You've got to protect your own!

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