Eldevin Subscriptions

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If you choose to become an Eldevin Supporter you'll need to take out a subscription. How they work is detailed below. If you have any questions or problems with the system please send us a ticket.

 Subscription Page: https://account.huntedcow.com/shop/subscription/2

 Payment Method

If you're taking our a subscription you can either choose a auto-renewing payment method or a "static" amount of time in our shop. Renewing time will be used first, so if you take out a renewing subscription any static time you have will be put on hold until it is cancelled or expires.

 You can cancel a renewing subscription at any time at which point time paid for will be converted in to static time and all future payments will be cancelled.

Nothing in Eldevin changes based on whether your time is auto-renewing or not. None renewing time will just expire at some point if you don't top it up.

Subscription Expiry

Our website will wait for 24 hours after your renewing payment is due before expiring your subscription. If you have static time then your subscription will expire immediately when time runs out.

From the point your subscription is marked as expired you have 48 hours in which to reactivate your subscription before your monthly Eldevin Points reset back to 350 per month.

Monthly Eldevin Points

When you first activate your subscription make note of the date and time of activation. If you failed to do so you can find it on your Payment History on the page above.

Your first batch of monthly 350 Eldevin Points will be delivered straight away, the following will be delivered each month that passes regardless of how far in to the future your current subscription time extends. Increasing by 50 per month as long as your account doesn't go without being a supporter for more than 48 hours, up to a maximum of 1000 Eldevin Points per month.

Purchasing a 12 month subscription does not get you all your bound Eldevin Points in one go!

You can find out when your next Eldevin Points will be delivered and how many you will get by mousing over the Account panel on www.eldevin.com as shown below:

Delivery Delay and Payment Dates

Your monthly Eldevin Points will be offset by 24 hours from the time your subscription is activated. This means if you activate your subscription on January 2nd, your second delivery of 350 Eldevin Points will be delivered at the same time but on February 3rd.

Different payment providers also work differently. If you take our a Secure Trading subscription on May 31st the following months payment will go out on June 28th. This is due to their policy of rolling back to the 28th for any payments on the 29th, 30th or 31st of a month. This does NOT mean you will get your bound Eldevin Points sooner.

Short Months

If you take out a subscription on May 31st, your monthly reward will be delivered on July 2nd. This is due to June only having 30 days, so it would roll over to the July 1st + the 24 hour delay mentioned earlier. It would then continue with your 3rd monthly reward arriving on August 2nd.

I hope this helps clear up some of the questions players have had, we had a few issues delivering Eldevin Points at first but if you had any problems they should now be resolved (or explained above).

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